HR Concept
Of Enterprise
Enterprise Core

harmony,hard work,and win-win
Enterprise Core vaues: harmony,hard work,and win-win.
Struggle refers to dare to victory, dare to bear hardships, dare to overcome difficulties of courage and spirit, always keep the way of startup grasped the nettle and fell more and more brave struggle spirit is has become a magic weapon of the enterprise. Harmony is a kind of overall thinking point of view, to fully mobilize all positive factors, to properly deal with all kinds of interest relations in enterprise development, difficulties and contradictions, to create a long-term stability for enterprise development Enterprise environment, there must be a harmonious team, only harmony, to produce force, to produce. Win-win is the goal of the enterprise, by the harmonious development of society, enterprise, customers, suppliers, employees win-win between material and spirit.
  • Enterprise Operation Philosophy:
    Close to the product, close to the market, close to the customer
    Firmly grasp the pulse of the market, keep pace with the market. Only by constantly develop products meet market and customer demand. Enterprise to bohai sea bohai to life forever.
  • Enterprise HR ConceptOf Enterprise:
    Respect for labor    Respect knowledge
    Respect for talent   Respect to create
    Who won the Win
  • Enterprise Quality Policy:
    In qualitative way, taking the letter with the optimal
    A:Establish sustained and effective operation of quality management system, to user satisfaction with the products quality to expand marketing, occupy a larger share of the market, and the way of the development of the company. B:Adhere to the people-oriented, rely on technological progress to improve the quality of enterprises and products, with high quality service and product quality trusted by customers.
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