• 2016

    In May 2016, Jinlang team Won the championship,runner-up and the third place in round one in the first stop of China motorcycle track race 2016  (Refitted scooter open group A)

    Jinlang was awarded “ COMMITMENT AWARD OF ZHEJIANG HOPE PROJECT “ by Zhejiang Youth Development Foundation ( The only one enterprise awarded in Taizhou )

    In July 2016, Jinlang team Won the championship in round one and two in the second stop of China motorcycle track race 2016  ( scooter group A)
    Won the championship in the first and second stop of China motorcycle track race 2016 ( scooter group A)

  • 2015
  • 2014
    February was "advanced Party branch" award in the witness of the CPC Committee of Jinqing.
    December Jin Lang Power was named Taizhou Municipal Committee of Communist Youth League Youth Civilization.
  • 2013

    January The wave power has been successfully applied for the trademark "Zhejiang Province"

    April The wave power as "district-level safety and security units."

    September The wave power finalists "high-tech enterprises in Zhejiang Province"

    October Zhejiang Industry and Commerce Administration awarded gold wave power, "Shou contract & nbsp; re-credit units & nbsp; 2A class" honor

    December obtained from Taizhou innings awarded grant "national three safety standardization enterprise"

  • 2012
    February Jin Lang power was awarded as "advanced grass-roots party organizations".
    April gold wave power gains "2011 advanced collective".
    October by issued by Taizhou municipal committee of the communist youth league "Taizhou love interpreta dream BaiQian engineering outstanding contribution".
    October in Taizhou love interpreta dream BaiQian project won the "Taizhou love interpreta dream BaiQian engineering outstanding contribution award" and was awarded as "district-level creates peacefully unit" in the same month.
    Zhejiang Taizhou city industrial and commercial bureau will Jin Lang power in industrial and commercial enterprise credit a-class "guard the heavy reputation of contract" unit.
    In December the quality department Taizhou "pole shift", at the same time the enterprise won the "ankang cup winner enterprise in Zhejiang province".
    December Jin Lang power became "national level 3 safety production standard enterprise".
  • 2011
    December Jin Lang power, in the peer is Taizhou city peoples government awarded the "Taizhou famous brand product".
    December Jin Lang power with its unique spirit of enterprise in the municipal party committee organization department "were the first to fight for their superior, words and deeds star" title.
    Jin Lang power in the national motorcycle championship (Macau) 125 cc (open section) competition won the individual titles.
    The motorcycle championships (macau) 100 cc group cicc Jin Lang power to capture the bronze.
  • 2010
    In October the Jin Lang power formally established the communist party of China (Zhejiang Jin Lang power co., LTD. Branch committee.
  • 2009
    February Jin Lang power won the title of "advanced enterprise trade union".
    March Jin Lang wave dynamics in jiang days agricultural machinery industry association was hired as "jiang days agricultural machinery industry association, vice President of units".
    Taizhou branch of agricultural bank of China in June 09 awarded Jin Lang power "2009 AA + grade credit enterprise" honor.
    October Jin Lang power for small and medium-sized enterprise technology center at the provincial level.
    December Jin Lang power successful application "Taizhou famous trademarks", "Zhejiang saves famous label". In the same year golden sea power in the first gold qingzhen "Carrie cup" mens basketball match.
  • 2008
    In February the qingzhen peoples government awarded Jin Lang power "2007 outstanding enterprise" title.
    July Jin Lang power in science and technology department of Zhejiang province evaluation was formally listed in the "pedal engine research and development center", "provincial high-tech enterprise research and development center".
  • 2007
    Jin Lang Power was rated as "taizhou enterprise technology center" "clean production enterprise" in August
  • 2006
    December Jin Lang Power finalists in Zhejiang Province, the most growth oriented companies in the 100 best
    In the same year in the National Road Championship (full year) pedal 125CC open group events, the Jin Lang Power were won the "personal champion", "individual runner up", "individual first",
    "Individual second" and other good results.
    In the same year in Changsha, Green Bamboo Lake Road Racing Championship pedal 125cc group of public events, jinlang motivity easy gains "the individual champion", "runner up";
    And in the "third young man Zongshen group 100CC"
    In the same year in the national highway motorcycle Championship (ShenZhen Railway Station) pedal 125CC open group events to get a personal second"
    In the same year in the national highway motorcycle Championship (ShangHai Railway Station) pedal 125CC open group events, Jin Lang Power even won the individual champion, the individual runner up"
    In the same year, "new sensation motorcycle Cup" Asian Highway motorcycle and "Yuan damping Cup" national motorcycle Championship Zongshen adolescent 110cc group won the "third person".
    Pedal 125CC in the open group was "personal champion", the final pedal 125CC open group "group champion"
    Jin Lang Power in the same year, respectively, in the national highway motorcycle Championship (XiAn Railway Station) pedal 125CC open group, (ShenZhen Railway Station) pedal 125CC open group,
    (full year) pedal 125cc open group three games received the "champion of the group"; in (Shenzhen) new feeling 150cc group, (Shanghai Station) pedal 125cc open group won the "group runner up" "runner up group"
    Jin Lang Power in the same year by the national motorcycle championship "outstanding sports team" title
  • 2005
    Jin Lang Power through the ISO9001 quality management system certification in August
  • 2004
    Jin Lang Power for the first time through the national mandatory product certification in July
  • 2000
    Zhejiang Jin Lang Power Co.,LTD. was set up on December 27
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